Opening Axie Friends! Borrow a team of Axies and play to earn!

Axie Friends
3 min readSep 29, 2020


Inpired by AK’s project and with his blessing we have decided to open “Axie Friends”. Axie Infinity is a crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Centered around breeding, raising and battling fastasy creatures called Axies, it allows player to earn cryptocurrency by engaging with the game.

Since the initial cost to start playing is relatively high (cca. 70$ to cover the price of the 3 Axies necessary and the transaction fees) we are opening a program that allows new players to gain acces to an account already set up with a team ready to start battling.

Late 2019, the creators of Axie Infinity launched a utility token called SLP (Small Love Potion) whose sole purpose is to allow players to pair and breed two Axies in order to create another one. Soon enough SLP has been listed on several exchanges therefore players started selling their SLP for ETH. At the time I am writing this 1 SLP is trading for around 5 cents USD.

In order to earn SLP players must win battles either in the Arena (against other human players) or in the Adventure Mode (against NPCs). With an average engagement time of 1 hour every day most players have been able to earn a minimum of 100 SLP per day. Some more dedicated and skilled player have been able to earn as much as 500 SLP per day.

How does it work?

In order for you to be able to play without spending any money upfront, we set up accounts and fill them with battle capable teams of Axies. We then provide you with the login credentials so you can access them through the applications (iOs, MacOS, Android and Windows) and start earning.

In return for this service we retain 40% of your earnings and send the rest to your own Ethereum address. If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet set up we will provide you with the necessary resources to be able to do so.

Since setting up the new accounts with Axies, exchanging SLP for ETH and sending the ETH to your wallet are all actions that involve transaction fees covered by us we require you to hit a certain amount of SLP earned before you can request a withdrawal. For regular accounts (3 Axie) the minimum amount to qualify for a withdrawal is 5000 SLP and for upgraded accounts (10 Axies) which have an increased earning potential, the minimum withdrawal is 10000 SLP.

In the interest of making the program available to people truly interested in play to earn we require each of you to earn a minimum of 800 SLP per week (1600 SLP for upgraded accounts). If you don’t manage to reach this quota we might have to part ways in order to make the account available to other applicants.

If we need to take back access to the account due to inactivity, breaking the rules or if you chose to give up and exit the program yourself we might not be able to withdraw the remaining balance from the account (depending on the reason behing our collaboration ending).

We want this to become a community rather than just a farming place. We will try to make events and even contests within our group a regular occurence.

Who is in charge?

I’m Reillz, a long time Axie Infinity community member and aspiring cryptoartist. I started this service for a few of my friends and since then have decided to scale it a bit. I’ve joined forces with Catdicax, also a trusted member of the Axie Infinity community and together we are going to administer this program.

How can I start?

You can join our dedicated Discord server by accessing this link and you’ll be on your way to farming SLP and earning cryptocurrencies through playing.


We are at capacity at the moment but if you are interested in the program we urge you to join our Discord server and apply to join the waiting list. We are providing new accounts every day!


Axie Infinity is awesome! We provide teams to new players who can’t afford to buy their own or simply don’t want to in exchange for 40% of their earnings. Join the Discord server for more details.